About Me

Hi there,
My name is Jack Duffy and I’m a web and and application developer. My passion is for beautiful, intuitive and responsive user interfaces. I specialize in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP and have extensive experience in languages such as C, C#, C++, Java, Python, Haskell, PDDL and Prolog.

Alongside my studies at the University of Lincoln (where I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree), I begun to build my experience in the web by working at a small Lincoln based digital agency, eventually moving on to my current position at Laser Red, currently on track to being the biggest and best agency in Lincolnshire (no promo).

In my free time my main passions are gaming (Favourite: Bioshock), movies (Favourite: Donnie Darko), music (Favourite: David Bowie), photography and creative writing.